Authorized Dealer

Unlike most automotive brokers, Midpoint Auto is licensed and authorized to sell motor vehicles throughout all of Canada. Since dealers are the only ones licensed to buy vehicles from wholesale inventory, they often get away with selling them at high premiums. These premiums come out of your pocket. At Midpoint Auto, we take a different approach. Our business model allows us to build a bridge between buyers and the wholesale market. As a result, we are able to offer customers wholesale units at wholesale pricing.

Automotive Loan Services

Midpoint Auto specializes in developing lending solutions that fit customers’ individual needs, considering their budget, lifestyle, and long-term goals. We connect with hundreds of lenders across Canada to ensure our clients receive the best possible financial care and provide a solution that resonates with them. Our model is especially beneficial to buyers who struggle financially or have a less than ideal credit situation.

Purchase Brokering

Have you found a vehicle at a dealership already, but are fed up with the dealership deciding your price? WE CAN HELP! We offer clients the chance to sit back while we negotiate a better price from otherwise expensive dealerships. We consider it our obligation to inform customers and make sure they understand the entire buying process from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

Many dealerships and brokering services are limited to helping clients with one and only one service or brand. By using our service, you will gain access to a toolbelt which will put you in the best financial situation for one of life’s most expensive purchases.

Whether you are purchasing a vehicle, an RV/Camper, a quad, a boat, or even a dirt bike, we are here to help.

Who Pays Us?

Brokering and financial services are paid for by something called a referral fee, also known as a reserve. Banks and financial lending institutions pay a flat fee to connect consumers with lending, provide assistance with finding the product they want, and help them develop an understanding of the amount they can afford. Unlike other brokers, clients pay us absolutely nothing to broker a service for them. When purchasing wholesale inventory, we can save a client up to 40% of the cost that the dealership sells a unit for depending on the price, type and brand of the unit being purchased. With this service, we charge the client either a flat fee or a percentage of the purchase price. Even when charging a service fee, we will still be able to save you a substantial amount compared to traditional automotive dealerships.